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In an urban environment with its social problems, the individual can decide either to become involved or to remain indifferent, but he must make that choice again each day since the problems remain. They are part of society and have made the city: art, architecture and city planning are extremely important, and they take shape from this urban reality. I have been completely absorbed by this social reality, its negative/positive dynamics, its empty and full spaces.

Today, in this period of the mass production of images, of mass production in general, it is perhaps time to consider how fast things disappear and to become more aware of the process of making art to live with.

Consequently, my sculptures since 1963 have interacted with the environment, often playfully in contrast to it, at other times fully participating in it.

I want to create situations that delight the eye, in the parks, in the streets and in the squares and corners of the city. I want the passerby to be pleasantly surprised to meet up with sculpture, as though it were a natural part of the landscape. The interaction of sculpture with the casual observer can give the modern city a human dimension.